Seville is rumoured to be getting its first direct service to the United States next fall. Spanish "ABCdesevilla" Jounal reported that United Airlines is soon going to announce seasonal flights between Seville and Newark Airport. The flights would commence in May 2020.

It’s good news for Seville... and Rota too!

Spain’s fourth largest city that is frequently overshadowed by its glamorous bigger siblings, Barcelona and Madrid. Seville hosted nearly 200,000 US tourists last year and this is expected to be boosted by direct flights from the USA. As well Madrid has a direct seasonal flight from Washington (round trip price min.700 EUR).

As the report notes, the route would need to carry at least 50,000 passengers a year to be viable for United on a permanent ongoing basis. Between locals, tourists, the US soldiers and their families stationed nearby at Rota and Morón de la Frontera bases, the Seville authorities think this figure is achievable.

The airline is expected to sign an agreement with the city council in the coming weeks to make the route official.

United Airline issued a media advisory on December 2018:

“United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz will host a media conference call tomorrow to discuss an historic package of new and expanded international routes and talk about how they are a capstone to a breakthrough year for United.”

Of course, all of this is just speculation at this stage, and we won’t know for sure what’s going on at United until the announcement takes place.

News source: Journal (29/05/2019)

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# Good news for Rota! OléMichael Miércoles, 05 Junio 2019
They’ve alluded to something ‘historic’, which would suggest it’s not something being done already by them, or perhaps by anyone else. :D